A Smart Hydraulic Pump

Simply redefining a hydraulic system wasn't enough for us here at Terzo Power Systems. We wanted to make hydraulics smarter and more efficient while at the same time making it simple to create a highly controllable, compact, and extremely flexible system. By taking a new approach to how engineers, technicians, OEM's, distributors, or even the garage mechanic put together a hydraulic system, we were able to create the most powerful, yet gracefully simple hydraulic pump ever made.

The Hydrapulse is much more than a compact Hydraulic Power Unit. Yes, you can use it as a pressure compensated pump or load sense pump in a traditional hydraulic system, but you can also use it's integrated I/O to bring in sensors, linear feedback, closed loop position logic, analog signals, or digital limit switches. You can do all this without added any cost to a system.

Or you can control the Hydrapulse via Canbus communications. SAE J1939 protocol is standard, but we put the smarts into our product to perform any protocol needed.... CANOPEN no problem.... ISOBUS..... sure DEVICENET.....yep YELLOWBUS... wait, we made that one up!

We also built into the Hydrapulse the ability to run up to 8 fully proportional solenoid valves. You can program them as on/off (bang/bang) or fully proportional with the ability to set ramp rates, dither frequency, etc. No need to add additional valve drivers to a system. Each valve driver output can put out up to 4 amps!

Need some extra digital or analog I/O? No problem. We can supply up to 4 M12 connectors for bringing in inputs or supply Vrefs.

From industrial Automation, to rugged mobile applications, the Hydrapulse can perform anywhere.


Multi-Function Hydraulic Pump

On demand power and always proportional

In the hydraulics industry, customers are used to paying more money for more functionality. We wanted to reverse that trend. We give the ability to have full proportional control of every circuit/function without the sacrifice of cost. We also deliver this with on demand power supplied only when you need it. No more constant whine of hydraulic pumps even when no work is being done. The Hydrapulse will only supply the flowrate and pressure that is demanded at any given instance. Variable volume PC or LS pumps have to be running all the time. This means wasted energy (even at zero stroke), noise pollution, and wear on the pump. Even in a perfect world, they are heavy, complex, prone to contamination, and are almost always oversized for just those few peak times when their full flowrate is needed. With the Hydrapulse, we reduce component wear and tear by only running on demand.


What you want + what you need

Built for YOUR industry

JIC Hydraulic Ports

Lightweight Construction

"T-LINK" Smart Interface

Integrated Electronics

Rugged Gear Pump